Why Branding Is Important During Your Token Sale

The last few months have seen a slowing down of the seemingly never-ending thirst for token sales. In September, we saw a total of $279M raised – a stark contrast to a strong first half of this year and January’s all-time high of around $2.5B.

Whether this is down to the slump in the crypto market in general, or as a result of the SEC tightening their grip – having declared most ICO-issued tokens as securities earlier this year, is a topic for another day.

Either way, investment continues to pour in while the ICO/STO landscape shows signs of maturing. Investors have become more cautious and venture capital funds are increasingly looking to make their moves within the blockchain space. Competition is high and to win investment, so must be the quality of branding in your token sale pitch and web presence.

Making First Impressions Count

There are a lot of considerations to take into account in making sure your first point of contact with a potential investor is impactful and prompts further engagement. I won’t bore you with the details of sales copywriting, colour psychology and the importance of content above the fold, but know they are important when publishing any literature. If you have a good marketer or graphic designer on your team they can help you here.

An investor will read your project pitch deck and white paper with scrutiny

The initial discovery process can happen on a number of channels, so it is important to make sure your message is consistent throughout. Your landing page, pitch deck, white paper, one-pager, thread posts, social channels and even your business cards should all state the company’s key mission or project clearly – and provide guidance on how to take next steps at a glance i.e. how to invest or links for other publications.

Increase Recognition and Build Trust

It is quite unlikely that an investor will FOMO so hard that they rush to contribute funds to your project without doing their due diligence and research. This means that they will be back and forth, possibly looking at hundreds of opportunities a week.

We can help you decide on your branding strategy

For this reason, each impression of your brand needs to be bold, polished and easily recognisable. Your logo needs particular care because this is essentially the ‘face’ of the business. All content that you put out should serve to establish your credibility, from announcements to content marketing efforts.

Accuracy and consistency can also help to build trust. In the process of making sure all of your literature is well presented and pixel perfect, you demonstrate the levels of professionalism and forethought that investors want to see before they’ll open their wallets.

Brand perception is also heavily affected by public communications, so make the effort to connect with your community by chat, AMAs etc and invite discussion when possible. Your team members should be at least publicly known, if not directly contactable via messaging channels.

Make the Most of Your Marketing

Strong token sale branding and delivering of clear key messages can support your marketing efforts. Not only will you see more referrals if your blockchain project is particularly novel in its presentation, but your ability to stand out from the crowd will be significantly boosted.

Token sale branding is key to getting the right message across to your community

Define your key objectives. Let us know about your successes on the road so far. Make your competitive advantages known – what are you bringing to the table that is proprietary or original? Show the investor exactly how your project will address the issues in the market (and ideally, why you need to issue tokens to make it work!) By doing this, you will have a much greater shot at converting marketing leads and winning investment.

In preparing for a token sale, many marketers make the mistake of advertising the many benefits of what is ultimately a potentially non-existent or very early-stage product. Of course, listing benefits and features is important – but it is quite easy to desensitise the reader when trying to ‘wow’ them. Always fall back on what is provable, tangible or historically factual to avoid your project sounding far-fetched and unrealistic.

When creating your marketing strategy and materials, know your target audience. Are you looking to appeal to future customers, or investors? Many times it’s both, but a well-rounded brand strategy can help you define this to make sure all messages are purposeful and relevant to the reader.

Author: Joshua Clow
Co-Founder & CEO of Crypto Copy Pros - Josh is a blockchain enthusiast and experienced business planner/writer with hundreds of successful campaigns under his belt.

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