Copywriting services for blockchain businesses

Every day, blockchain startups are generating funding for innovative projects through token sales.

The ICO, STO and similar models have proven to be an effective fundraising strategy, but in this crowded and fast-paced market – it’s easy for your project to go unnoticed.

In preparing and executing effective token sales, great entrepreneurs and technologists are having to pull themselves away from their fields to focus on ‘selling’ their idea. This takes time, effort and careful planning – resources that busy professionals struggle to part with.

Our committed team of white paper writers, content strategists and marketers can bring a wealth of expertise to aid in this process. We love to help startups connect with their audience and win investment through the written word.

Crypto Article Writing

A solid content strategy is key. Working closely with clients - we deliver thought leadership, announcements, PR and industry news to build an engaged audience.

ICO/STO White Papers

Published by a team of business planners, marketers and blockchain white paper writers - our documents are proven to attract investment. We know what investors are looking for and how to best position your project.

Web Copy & Literature

First impressions count. Whether that first point of contact be via your website, pitch-deck or presentation - we optimise your message and maximise impact.

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White Paper Creation

Writing & EdIting

Whatever stage your project is at - our team are ready to assist you. We can populate your white-paper from scratch, or help you polish and refine existing content, offering advice and feedback on your documents along the way.

Design & illustration

Your brand is as important to us, as it is to your investors. Our designers are at hand to ensure that your white paper elegantly reflects your vision and style.

Research & Analysis

The most serious investors will scrutinise your project. Thorough fact checking and knowing your market is essential when presenting competitive advantages and avenues for growth. We can take care of this process for you.

Get Investor Ready

Readers will look upon your literature with scrutiny, trying to identify any weaknesses, pitfalls and areas that have been overlooked or misrepresented. Claims must be backed up and research and projections must be accurate. It’s a minefield.

The average token sale team already has their hands full. Between the development of their product, pitching for investment and managing a community – they often don’t have the time to create the winning white paper their project needs. 

Our team of multi-discipline blockchain enthusiasts bring years of experience in business and financial planning, marketing and copywriting to the creation of your white paper. Token sale participants ourselves, we know exactly what investors want to see and our track record is proof of that fact.

Bespoke white paper writing and design

We work with our clients to ensure our documents match their project vision. Every businesses is unique and we believe in putting that across in everything we provide

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Professional Pitchdecks

Your pitch needs to be slick, persuasive and confident when seeking investment, partnerships or clients. Busy professionals are faced with potentially hundreds of similar pitches daily and to cut through the fog, they’ll be quizzing you on every detail and looking for key highlights. They want something that stands out and gets straight to the point.

Our main focus when designing a pitch deck is in simplicity and education around the opportunity. We prioritise showing investors what they want to see – turning typically messy financials with missing data into a format that is easy to digest and retain.

Work with us and we will put together a fully animated, streamlined set of infographics, graphs, written content and speakers notes to show investors how serious you are about your project and why it is an opportunity not worth missing.


We create our pitch decks with not only the investor, but the presenter in mind. We tailor our slide animations to best suit and provide visual prompts for the speaker.


Our talented illustrators have an eagle eye for compelling design, formatting and layout. We can help you paint your project in it's best light and make your points succinctly.


Our researchers equipped with years of experience and industry know-how to help you represent your project with the most relevant and eye catching data.

Content for your blockchain project

Grow your community and drive investment with our compelling crypto copywriting services

Content and Copywriting


We are strong believers in providing audiences with content that is useful and meaningful. Conversion is important, but building trust and genuine authority builds a loyal and supportive community for the long term.

Press Release

We specialise in generating press content that will appeal to both an editor, and their respective community. We're well practised in creating content that educates, entertains and sells softly.

Thought Leadership

You are the voice of your project. Your industry knowledge is invaluable to those that want to learn. We can help convey your thoughts and experiences into something both you and your audience connect with.

Strategic Content Marketing

An effective marketing strategy for token sale has many different facets, but one of the most under-appreciated is content marketing. In light of current and growing restrictions on advertising blockchain projects in typical paid media platforms – social connectivity, sharing, and establishing your brand and founding team members as leaders in the market is critical to your success.

There are hundreds of stats around the web that talk about the importance of content marketing, with some claiming it can triple your lead generation, but this is especially relevant for those embarking on their public offerings. Perceived value and strength of community are big factors in winning investment and are both heavily influenced by content marketing efforts.

We support this by offering a cost effective and reliable method of building interest by way of our ICO press release, article and content writing services. So far, our clients have reported a marked boost to their community and token sale contributions as a direct result of our efforts in building a powerful online presence.

Educating through engaging content

As big believers in the blockchain space, we want to put content into the world which informs, assists and furthers the growth of new and exciting technologies. Our number one focus is ensuring we convey your message in a way that works for you and contributes to an honest blockchain culture.

Our Clients

The team turned around our project in amazing time and delivered above and beyond. We were able to act with confidence, knowing how seriously they took delivery. The quality of work was exceptional and insightful, the support along the way was top notch.
Jon Jacobs
If you're looking for writers who consistently deliver top-notch work & require little supervision, then these are your guys. Highly recommended for blockchain-related work.
Dan Ragan
VP Digital, Token Agency
CCP provided engaging content for our blockchain project and their industry knowledge and attention to detail was demonstrated from day one. We were able to trust their efforts in writing, design and market strategy - freeing us to focus on developing the business.
David Simmonds
Vice Chairman, MindArk
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